Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't Take a "Holiday" From Your Job Search!!

As the old song goes "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Well, with climbing unemployment numbers and the nation engrossed in a transition of power from one president to another, this song lyric may make most people groan inwardly. If your first impulse is to bury your head under the covers until the start of the New Year - not so fast! Why? Because the holidays are the best time to job search!

More Holiday Parties = More Networking Opportunity
Feeling crummy about your job situation? Don't stay home. If your financial circumstances permit, attending one holiday party can open up your social network and position you to learn about upcoming company openings.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition
Your competition/fellow job seekers will begin their searches January 2nd. Get the "jump" on your competition by scheduling "Informational Interviews" with prospective hiring managers to learn about your industry and about possible job openings. This way, hiring managers will be able to connect a "face with a name" next time you apply to an open position.

Stay Healthy
Nothing worse than starting the New Year with a bad cold or flu. Guard your health with your life. Eat at least 2 fresh fruits and 3 cups of fresh vegetables per day for optimal health. You will experience increased energy, fight fatigue, and these foods it will help your brain stay focused.

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