Friday, April 10, 2009

Are Lawyers and Law Firms On Twitter? Yes They Are!

Several months ago I joined with one question in mind - "Are Lawyers On Twitter?"

For a short time, I felt as if I were "Tweeting" in the dark (posts to are called "Tweets"), looking for lawyers that shared an interest in social media sites for the purpose of networking and sharing their insights into the legal field seemed daunting. How do I find them? How does this Twitter thing work? How can we converse with only 140 characters? But, I kept going in dogged determination always asking "Do Lawyers Tweet?"

The answer is - Yes They Do!

Lawyers, law firms, paralegals, and legal professionals in various legal industries are on Twitter and they are networking, talking, and sharing. These "tweets" are vibrant, informative, and interesting as people share insight into their worlds. My deepest thanks goes out to @Rex27 on Twitter for sharing the link to this blog posting called - Top 100 Twitter Feeds For Law School Students. This link lists lawyers on Twitter and more.

If you are on Twitter and wondering where to start - here you go!

Give me your feedback once you see the list. I would love to hear from you!

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