Friday, June 12, 2009

Hate Your Job? Ways To Cope & Still Be Effective.

Some people would say that this topic - hating your job - especially when most people feel that having a job is fortunate is a taboo topic. But, there is a groundswell of the American population that exists according to that hate their job - 30% actually. Then there's a segment of people - 50% - that neither love nor hate their jobs, this segment is neutral. So how does one cope? Especially when hating your job causes an immense amount of stress and compromises overall workplace productivity.

Which brings up a very good article that i came across from "" on what to do if you DO hate your job. CLICK HERE or copy and paste this link

Key Points Of The Article:

  • Identify What You Are Happy With

  • Develop Skills In Your Current Position That You Can Take With You Into Your New Role

  • Appreciate Your Current Job As Much As Possible

I Know It's Hard But.....
Right now you may feel under valued, under appreciated, angry, and resentful. But holding on to those feelings will taint your productivity and your ability to focus. When you are not focused, you can't work toward your goals. You can't strategize and think of what your next move will be - either to stay and "work it out" with your current employer or move on to a new one.

Most Importantly....
It's important to think about how you are able to provide for your family because of the current job that you have. The next time you purchase something, thank the heavens that it's the job that you have right now that enables you to pay for your family's needs.
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srdato said...

Hi Kirsten,

Great post! Thanks for citing my blog article @ dailypivot to help your readers gain insights into turning their work situations around if they are unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated with both the grind and process. I wish your readers only success in their endeavors.

Your blog is fabulous, timely, and a great 'oasis' for career development. I look forward to reading more. Very valuable stuff!

Thanks again for linking. It's a real pleasure.


Kirsten Grant said...


Have to give you all the credit for writing such a thought provoking article!