Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Make Your Profile Stand Out on Social Networking Sites

This isn't the same job search you conduced years ago. This isn't the same job search that you conducted a few months ago, a few days ago, or a few hours ago. Today is a new day in how to create an effective job search and if you don't know how to harness these new tools in the "new day" job search, you will be frustrated - VERY frustrated.

-Kirsten Grant

Most job seekers know about how important their resume is, but I will say it again. Customize your resume to EVERY job description. Make sure it contains key words that are used in the actual job description along with accomplishments - only relevant information counts.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk social networking sites. Social networking sites include sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Although most people think of these sites as a great place to post pictures from personal pursuits, there is a whole sub-culture of serious job seekers that use these sites to find jobs and expand their professional network. Today's article helps you become one of those people:

Make Your On-Line Profile Stand Out With These 3 Tips:

Number One: Remember, It's NOT Personal

Your online profile should only contain professional information about yourself. Things you would want an employer to know that could help "sell" yourself and your experience, background, and potential. Remove information such as age, number of children, religious views, and family pictures.

Number Two: Pictures Are OK

On a resume, a picture is a no-no. On an online profile, it adds a dimension of personalizing your page. If you decide to upload a picture to your profile, make sure the picture is a professional one.

Number Three: Pick a "Niche" to Become an "Expert" In And Always Stay On Topic

Content is king! One of the keys to creating a professional online presence is to make sure that what you write about showcases your knowledge and/or passion on a specific topic. For example, if you wanted to become known as an expert in the legal field, then you wouldn't offer content on cake baking recipes.

So there you go, a great bit of information to help you make a great start. Have additional questions? Feel free to comment.

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