Thursday, February 19, 2009

LinkedIn Experiment Part 3: The Art Of Following Up

The LinkedIn Experiment continues this week with "The Art Of Following Up" and how it can effect your job search.

Not to long ago, I came across a job posting on one of my favorite sites ( for a part time legal assistant/secretary. Immediately I contacted the individual via phone to inquire about the position to see if this was a job opportunity that I could share with my Legal Studies and Paralegal students. Although the person I spoke with informed me that the position was no longer available, once this person learned that I worked for Kaplan University they were curious to know if there were any positions available because they themselves were interested in employment opportunities. So I recommended that we keep in touch via after confirming the person had a LinkedIn account. The person agreed and stated they would contact me soon.

This conversation took place over 2 weeks ago....

Lesson Learned: Following Up Is Important

The reason why this event is important to your job search is that you may encounter people in your job search that are willing to help you, but if you don't follow up, you miss out on opportunities.

In the example of the hiring manager that I spoke with, this person was looking for a teaching position within the university. Although open positions are posted on Kaplan University's website, employees do hear of available positions BEFORE they are posted. In this case, if this person had followed up they would be in a position to learn about unpublished or soon to be published opportunities.

Don't wait until you NEED a job, start building your network now. If you promise to follow up - do so. Performing this one simple task will increase your chances of finding a job. It transforms your job search because you place yourself in a position to learn about opportunities and increases the chances of people personally identifying your resume as opposed to your resume being "just another resume" in a pile of resumes.

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