Friday, March 6, 2009

LinkedIn Experiment Part 4: Branding Yourself Online

What Would You Do If.....
What would you do if you saw a movie with Batman flying though the air - by means of shooting a spider web from his wrists?

What would you do if you saw Spiderman driving - but in the Bat Mobile?

Would it seem out of place? Out of character? Would you think that something is wrong? Of course!

The same applies to your "Online Brand".

Spiderman is consistent. We expect to see him climbing buildings and shooting webs from his wrists. Batman is consistent, we expect to see him with a big "bat cape", while driving the "Bat Mobile" across town.

The same approach applies to your postings on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

When You Create A LinkedIn Profile....
If you create a LinkedIn account for professional reasons, then keep your chats and posts professional and specific to your industry. For example, if you are a legal student and you want to be known as the "go to person" for paralegal "stuff" then you will want to write about - anything related to being a paralegal. Your posts should pertain to things that concern the legal field and you should stay on top of the latest "crime fighting” and/or problem solving techniques that are relevant to being in the paralegal field. This is true for any field as well.

Your posts should not include to much personal information. In the beginning, when you are trying to build and establish your "Online Brand" your post should really focus on your industry. This is not a time to share personal areas and interests. As you build your "Online Brand", you can opt for an 80/20 rule. Eighty percent professional and "brand oriented" content and 20% personal notes and comments on personal interests.

You Want People To Get To Know You As A Professional...
Because you want people to get to know you as a professional. You want to establish yourself as an industry expert - or at least an enthusiast. You want credibility. This way, when hidden and upcoming job opportunities are available, people will think of the professionals that they know of and think of you - the really smart and professional industry person. Not, the person with "personal issue xyz."

Make sense? Feel free to share. What have you been doing to create and maintain your "Online Brand"?

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