Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You My New “Kicker?" - Thanks!

When a baby giraffe comes into the world it falls 10 feet from its mother’s womb and lands on it’s back – ouch!

As it struggles to get up, its mother kicks it repeatedly until it places one hoof in one place and another hoof joins it in a struggle to gain its footing. Once the baby giraffe gains it’s footing – the mother giraffe kicks its hoofs from underneath it causing the baby giraffe to fall again – double ouch!

The mother giraffe does this so that the baby giraffe will remember how it got up the first time and learn to get up quickly the next time.

Why would a mother do this to its newborn? To save its life.

You see, all the jungle wants to eat the young giraffe. But each kick strengthens the young giraffe and when the young giraffe learns to get up quickly and run away quickly, it will be safe.

In Your Job Search, You Will Have A Lot Of “Kickers”
The job search is stressful, hard, frustrating, filled with rejection and sometimes you may feel like sitting down. Sometimes you may feel like a young baby giraffe – as soon as you have your “mental” footing, you have the hang of this “job search thing”, or you think you are going to finally get that long awaited job offer – bang - someone or something kicks you and you fall back down again. The “kicker” can be anyone or anything – family, friends, prospective hiring managers, receptionists – even your thoughts.

Thank Your “Kicker”
Next time you are “kicked” – silently thank your kicker. You see, all successful people in life never had it easy. They didn’t make it there by luck. Everyone that has achieved some goal in life has had a few “kicks” along the way. These “kickers” strengthened that person’s resolve and sharpened that person’s skills so that they could reach their goals.

If you look at the person or situation you are in as a “kicker” instead of viewing them as an immovable force preventing you from reaching your goals (or just someone/something that just doesn’t like you) then you will succeed!
Thank you for reading this posting, feel free to share your "kickers" in the comment section below.

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