Friday, May 15, 2009

Work From Home Jobs

Frequently I receive questions from our Kaplan University adult learners about how to obtain work from home jobs. First, let's talk about what a work from home job is and what it is not. I will also share a few work from home websites to help with your job search.

What A Work From Home Job Is:
A work from home job (also known as telecommuting job) is a great opportunity for someone that is independent, a self starter, and very disciplined.

Work from home jobs allow the person to accomplish more in the course of an 8 hour day than sometimes working from the office. This is due to the ability to control your environment and minimize distractions that can reduce productivity

A work from home job cuts down on commuting costs - a great plus.

In addition, a work from home job increases the chances of working longer hours. It's hard to "put the brakes on" when you know you can work "just a little longer" to finish (or get ahead) on a project.
What A Work From Home Job Is Not:
A work from home job is not easy. Employees that work from home are really WORKING. They do not have a chance to perform household chores and "mix in" a little work. Often, household chores become neglected because of how absorbing work can be.

A chance to cut down on childcare costs. Often, I've spoken to people that state they would like to work from home because they have children that require constant attention. If you have children or circumstances that require constant attention, it is best to consider hiring someone instead. Working from home requires a lot of attention and concentration.

How To Find Work From Home Opportunities:
Not all work from home websites are scams. There are some legitimate work from home sites out there. Here are a few listed below:

When Applying To Work From Home Positions:
Make sure you can talk "numbers". Some employers are hesitant to allow employees to work from home. They have visions of the employee relaxing and not finishing work related tasks. To offset this concern, keep regular notes on your productivity. List projects that are on the "docket" to complete and when you expect to complete them. If you complete the project ahead of schedule, then make a note of this as well. You want to prove that you are capable of being a responsible and trustworthy person.

Hope this helps - feel free to comment below!


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