Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Keys To Making Your Job Search Feel and Look Easy

Over the years, I've been lucky to be around a number of super-achievers and one thing that I have learned is that the way these people think is entirely different than 95% of the population. This ability to think differently is also one of the reasons why there are so few successful multimillionaires in this world.

Sometimes, changing the way you think and act will dramatically impact your job search results. Hanging around successful people is only one of the keys. If your goal is to achieve peak results in your job search, these five keys will help you get there:

Environmental Control: We are the company we keep and are the products of our environment, what we think about and surround ourselves with really matters. Select what you read carefully. It will fill your conscious and subconscious mind with a mental “tape” that constantly plays in your head. If you put negative things in by listening to people saying “you can’t do that” or “I don’t know anyone that is a paralegal” or “you are wasting your time in school”, then your mind will play that negative “tape” at the most in opportune time and you will loose momentum. This usually will happen when you are in the middle of an interview that is going successfully.

Work Ethic: Ever watch ice skating? Ever go bowling? Remember bike riding for the first time? Remember driving for the first time? All of these things have something in common, the person you saw doing these tasks made it look really easy. Remember how hard it was when you tried? If a person makes something look really easy, you can bet there was a great deal of work behind that person's performance.

Immerse Yourself In Your Job, Become The Expert in Your Job Role: Make it look EASY. Immerse yourself in your job search. USE the advice that I offer to you. Revise your resume to reflect what is in the job description and show with each line in your resume why you can do it better. Send it out. Send it out again. Follow up on the people you sent your resume to. Ask for 3 referrals. Ask for 3 more. Conduct informational interviews to learn about the company and the industry you want to work for. Ask for 3 referrals. Join your local paralegal association. Attend the meetings. Ask for referrals.

Put In An 8 Hour Day If You Are Not Working: Put in a 10 – 12 hour day if you are working. Give 8 hours on the main job and an additional 2 -3 hours to your search and your career. Others will think you found a job really fast because they are on the outside looking in. You will make the job search look really easy due to your success. But only you know that your success took dedication and perseverance.

Don’t Use The World "Work" to Describe What You Are Doing: All it does is feed into the mainstream idea of instant gratification and doesn’t inspire peak performance. Turn on the TV. or pick up a newspaper and there are countless ads promoting get rich quick or loose weight in a week – the results are “instant” this and “easy” that. The word “work” is a dirty word in mainstream media and society. However, working hard for something forces you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and grow. In the end you build a better quality of life.

Adopt these principals of success and combine it with positive thinking. You will see results in life, your job search and others will think you have it so EASY!!!

Thank you for taking time to read this post. Feel free to ask questions or leave feedback below!

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