Friday, July 31, 2009

Not Enough Experience…. How to Gain Experience....

Not Enough Experience….
It is the classic dilemma for any career changer. Employers want job experience, but have never worked in the capacity they are hiring for. What is a job seeker to do? Offer these options the next time a prospective employer says “you don’t have enough experience”.

  1. Offer to work on a contract basis (you would fill out an I-9 form and pay taxes)

  2. Offer to work on a part time basis (you gain experience and can see if this opportunity is a good fit” for you and the employer)

  3. Offer to work full time (you gain experience, are compensated, and receive benefits)

  4. Volunteer for a local non-profit agency, court house, law office, or corporate legal department

Now you have 4 new ways to gain experience to get your “foot in the door”!!!

Thank you for taking time to read this blog posting. Feel free to try these tips and post your success or questions below!

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