Friday, August 7, 2009

6 Ways To Bring in Interviews

Despite all of your hopes and prayers, phone calls asking you to come in for an interview will not magically appear out of thin air. You have got to get out there and hustle. The days of “point and click your way to a job” are gone.

Well, I’ve found the perfect solution. Close your eyes and cozy up to your computer monitor. Utilizing top-secret computer coding that I have developed in my secret lab located under my desk, I will now transmit to your brain the names of all of the companies in your area that are ready to interview you.

Well, OK, maybe not. **smile**

But for the record I have been thinking really hard on how to develop the technology on how to do this. (I’m only one brain cell away, I swear). Really, the key to an effective job search is for you to help yourself and I am going to offer tips to you on how to accomplish this. So, what I am offering you is way better!!

Spiffy Up Your Image:
Voice mail may not be in your job search plans, but if hiring managers call and your child answers the phone you bet your bottom dollar they will not call back. Nothing against children answering the phone or “cousin Clay” that loves to make callers laugh by pretending you are not home, but this is not the time. You want to project a professional image. Make sure your voice mail message sounds professional. No music in the background. No strange noises.

Target Your Energies:
Attend local professional association meetings. Try conducting a Google search on professional organizations in your area. Make it a point to attend at least one meeting per month. Stick with the same group instead of canvassing several. This conserves energy and more people get a chance to know you personally and help refer you to open positions.

Make the Most Out Of Job Fairs:
Don’t just stand in line at a job fair. Walk around. Listen to what other candidates are saying before you get in line. Grab a bottled water and give it to the recruiter as you walk around the job fair with the reason “I’m sure it is hard standing here all day talking – here is some water.” Smile, introduce yourself, and walk away. Within the hour, come back to the booth, stand in line and then speak to the recruiter. You will be more memorable.

Follow Up!!
Never collect a card and not follow up within 2 days. Most people never do this. You will be remembered. Try to send additional “helpful emails” in the form of articles and book recommendations.

Cross Promote other People:
You are seeking a position, but the person you met at the networking session is seeking an IT person or contract person. Don’t give up. Tell the person that if you run across someone that sounds like they might be a good fit, would it be OK to contact them. When you happen to run into someone, drop your old contact a line and see if the position they spoke of is still open. Even if it isn’t, you are remembered as “the one that tried to help.” You will be remembered by the hiring manager and will be called when something pops up for you!!!

Pick Up The Phone:
When all else fails, call the local companies in your area after faxing or mailing your resume to conduct an informational interview. Come to their door and learn their needs!!!

Thank you for taking time to read this post. Feel free to give your feedback and comments below.


Peggy McKee said...

These are great ideas. I would recommend them to my candidates. I have a few more things to add on what to do at a tradeshow here:

Kirsten Grant said...

Thanks for sharing your link!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I plan to try them sometimes.