Friday, August 14, 2009

Unleash the potential in yourself…..

Are You Looking To Be Freed?
How many of you have seen an animal chomping at the bit to be free? If you have visited a zoo, you can always tell the ones that know intuitively that this is not the correct habitat or place for them to be. When one thinks about it, the life of an animal in the zoo is not so bad. They receive food and shelter and all they have to do is look “cute and healthy” when people come to their part of the exhibit. So why are there still animals keenly aware that this place is not where they are supposed to be? They have the innate sense that there is more to life outside of the cage that they are in?

Are You "Chomping At The Bit"?

Where are you in your job search? Are you “chomping at the bit” to be free? Even though you are paid to look “cute, healthy, and busy” with your assigned duties do you have a sense that you still do not belong in that place. Your intuition may be right!!!

If you are “chomping at the bit” to be “free”, take a step back and find out why you feel the way that you feel. For those individuals that are currently working and want to stay with your current employer, find a way to incorporate new tasks that you enjoy. Develop a reputation for success in that area. Tell others about your accomplishments. Market yourself as the best person for the tasks that you love to perform. Soon, people will notice and soon, you will find yourself doing less of the job tasks that you didn’t care for and more of the job duties that you enjoy!!

If you are “chomping at the bit” to be free of your current employer, remember it will take work!!! Not working as a (insert job title here), but would like to become one? Start learning what hiring managers are looking for by speaking with them directly or reading about what their concerns are.

Suggested Steps...
For example, if you are looking to work as a paralegal, then a suggested first step would be to log on to or pick 5 companies that you would like to work for and schedule an informational interview with the head of the legal department. If you are a student or recent graduate use that to your advantage by asking as many questions about the field and what hiring managers are looking for (if you are not, that’s fine too). Remember keep it short (about 20 min or so) unless the person that you are interviewing would like to take longer. Keep in touch with the person you interviewed by calling periodically and/or asking for their feedback on subjects that are featured on (or an industry specific website) or any industry knowledge you come across.

Soon, others will see your potential and help you in your path and journey to unleash it!!!

Good luck and unleash your potential!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Feel free to share your experiences and your comments below.


the medical sales recruiter said...

Informational interviews are great. I also recommend ride-alongs, or job shadowing, to get a concrete idea of the day-to-day requirements of a job. Another great way to unleash your potential is to get some career coaching. I wrote more about that here:

Kirsten Grant said...

I agree! Job shadowing is also really great! Thanks for sharing!