Friday, September 11, 2009

Whine or Cheese

Can you believe it? In less than 4 months, this year will end and a new one will begin!

Don't wait until next year to make new year's resolutions. If you are unhappy with the way this year has been progressing in regard to your job search, then now is the time to swing your career into gear. No excuses and no regrets should be your sentiments by the time you reach January 2010 (Did I mention it will be here in less than 4 months?).

Every experience you have had this year, be it bad or good, has taught you a lesson. If you do not learn from it, you will fall into one of the two categories – Whine or Cheese.

You remember the one; it is the person in your office that blames everyone for the current problem or situation at hand. They whine about the gossip in the office, they whine about the time everyone comes in to work, and they whine about the amount of money so and so makes. Sound familiar? Well, hopefully not too familiar.....

If this sounds like you, or upon further reflection you realize is sounds more like you than you care to admit then make a vow to change right now. Stop saying “it’s not fair” and stop listening to people that say “it’s not fair”. Start putting your energies into rectifying the situation at hand. You will find if you put all of your effort into correcting the situation and avoiding those that whine about situations then you will begin to see it improve.

Nathan from the book Who Moved My Cheese stated, “Have you noticed we don’t want to change when things change?” The book is a story about change and how 4 characters in a book handle the change of the “cheese” or goal always moving around. A small book, one could read it in 20 min while standing in the bookstore.

The important truth that pervades this book is that we must anticipate and accept change. It will come whether you like it or not. Your career will change. Your job and the daily duties in it will change. Every job applied to in your job search requires a resume that has been changed to reflect the job you are applying to. You will change your mannerisms in each interview. Each interaction with your current manger will change based on what is going on that day. Accept and embrace this fact. Truly successful people understand that change brings challenges, but it also brings learning and opportunity.

Today, you stand at the edge of opportunity and challenge. Make a choice - whine or cheese anyone?

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